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Wild Horses of the Namib

Country of Origin: Namibia

Wild Horses of the Namib

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The Wild Horses found in Namibia are not indigenous to the area so technically they are not wild, but feral. Horses were first imported to southern Africa in the 17th century from Europe and like the mustangs of North America eventually made their way into the wild.

Wild Horses of the Namib

Image from thunderstar


Although they are thought to come from Europe, their actual origins are a mystery. However there are a number of theories, and the one with most credence is that they are animals of German descent that were left behind & added occasionally by other animals abandoned during the depression and the progress of the automobile.

In 1908 German colonial administration established a large restricted area, access to which was kept strictly controlled. Part of this area was the roaming ground of these horses and because of these restrictions the heard was able to grow untouched by human hands for 90 years. In 1986 the area was opened up and became part of the Namib Naukluft Park. Interestingly enough, this German colonization is probably what saved the breed and in the end the local conditions & climate have created a breed in it’s own right. Their evolution in the area has created and incredibly resilient & tough breed of horse.

This herd was brought to the attention of the public in the 1980’s and very little is known about the animals themselves. Due to the extreme climate of their native land, their numbers remain limited as Mother Nature is the only caretaker of these animals. There have been attempted exterminations due to a severe lack of natural resources, but the indomitable spirit of these wiry animals (and now the Government) has kept them going.


Average height 14 – 14.3 hands


Head is handsome
Eyes are large & widely spaced
Ears are small & pointed
Back is short
Chest is deep and well musculed
Shoulder is muscular & sloped

Traditional Colors

chestnut | bay | dun

Wild Horses of the Namib

Image from Lehva

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Wild Horses of the Namib

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