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Dongola Horse

Country of Origin: Sudan

Dongola Horse


Also called the Dongolah & Dongolawi, the Dongala is thought to have come from the Dongala Providence in Sudan & is thought to be a degenerate strain of the mighty Barb with Arabian influence. They are similar in looks & bloodlines to other breeds of West Africa who all fall collectively under the category West African Barb horses.


It is believed that these animals are descendant from Iberian horses brought to Egypt in the 13th century. Despite their ancient roots, these animals are not known for their looks or breeding. However this is not due to lack of natural potential, but rather due to a lack of formal management of bloodlines.

Local customs decree that riding stallions is more prestigious and breeding is time consuming & expensive, so they are often purchased from neighboring countries. This leaves the area short on female animals and sub-par Dongola stallion bloodlines.

Although they come from Dongala, they are widely used in Cameroon and the type has persisted based on the needs of the people there.


Average height 15 – 15.2 hands


Head is large & rough with characteristically pronounced convex profile
Back is long
Chest is flat & high
Legs are long & thin

Traditional Colors

chestnut | black | bay


High strung & spirited
Intelligend & bold


Riding horse

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