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Kazakh Horse

Country of Origin: Russia

Kazakh  Horse


Also called the Kazakhskaya, the Kazakh horse of Russia comes from the same stock as the Kazakh of China. The two countries have bred their animals differently and thus there are physical differences today.

Kazakh  Horse


This breed has been known since the 5th century BC and since then has been influenced by a number of other breeds including the Mongolian, Karabair, Arabian & the Akhal-Teke breeds. More recently in the 20th century they were improved by Thoroughbred, Orlov Trotter & Don bloodlines.

Like many Russian horses, this is a breed kept at pasture throughout the year, concentrated mainly in western Kazakhstan. They have developed into two distinct types based on different needs of this vast territory, the Jabe & the Adaev.

Although this is an incredibly hardy breed, they are not known for performance (short strides make for a choppy ride).


Average height 13.2 – 14 hands


Head is light
Back is straight
Chest is narrow

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay


Work animals
Meat production
Milk production

Kazakh Horse Products


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Country of Origin: Russia | Colors: , ,
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