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Campolina Horse

Country of Origin: Brazil

Campolina Horse

Image from Amazona01


The Campolina is one of the larger Brazilian breeds and notable for their characteristic convex nose.

Campolina Horse

Image from Amazona01


Developed by Cassiano Campolina in Entre Rios de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1857 and ramped up in 1870 when a mare named Medéia (of Barb blood) was crossed with an Andalusian stallion. The result of this coupling was a dark grey colt named Monarca who is considered the flagship stud of the Campolina breed.

Over the years breeding concentrated on genetic improvement and smoothness of gait & the blood of Mangalarga Machador, Anglo-Norman, Clydesdale, Holsteiner & American Saddle horse blood was added. In 1934 the studbook was closed to outside breeds and a breed standard was created (which was later updated in 1975 & 1993).


Average height 15 – 16.2 hands
Gaited breed & have a smooth, ambling gait


head is trapezoidal in shape with convex profile – though not a true Roman nose
Neck is arched, muscular & proportioned
Chest is deep & wide
Back is medium in length
Mane & tail hair is silky
Legs are strong with well-defined tendons & strong joints
Hooves are round, solid, dark & hard
Tail is low set

Traditional Colors

All colors


Easy mannered & well behaved
Docile but active & proud


Riding horse
Dressage horse


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Country of Origin: Brazil | Colors:
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