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Knabstrupper Horse

Country of Origin: Denmark


Image Credit Baroque ‘n Dreams


In a world full of solid colored warmbloods, the Knabstrupper is the eclectic cousin of the bunch. From the same spanish bloodlines as the appaloosa, they are found displaying all of the appaloosa white patterns.



The breed started when a spotted mare named Flaebe (probably of Spanish descent) was purchased from a butcher by the Villars Lunn who owned the Knabstrupgaard manor. Although her origins are unknown, her beautiful spotted coat and extreme endurance earned her.

Every one of Flaebe’s foals displayed spotted coats and one went on to become the flagship stud for the Knabstrupper breed


Average height 15.1 – 16 hands
Long life span
Lively, high stepping action, made good


Image Credit Baroque ‘n Dreams


Noble head with large, calm eyes
Well set and well-proportioned
Shoulders are long and sloping and withers are defined
Strong back and short strong hindquarters
Legs are long and lean, hooves are well formed and good quality


Traditional Colors:

These animals can display all of the appaloosa white patterns.


Known for their kind and friendly attitude
Intelligent and eager to learn
Often used as circus horses due to calm temperament and strong work ethic


Image Credit Baroque ‘n Dreams


Show horse
Pleasure horse
Performing horse

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Country of Origin: Denmark | Colors:
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