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Iomud Horse

Country of Origin: Turkmenistan



Also called the Iomudskaya & the Yamud, the Iomud comes from Turkmenistan and is a descendant of the ancient Turkmenian breed that was developed by the Iomud tribe in southern Turkmenia.


Due to their location this breed was largely influenced by the hardy animals of the steppes as well as Arabian blood. Other than a few outside genetics, the Iomud breed has remained relatively pure, however the purebred population started a steady decline in the 20th century. In 1983 a stud farm was set up in Turkmenia to protect the breed, continue proper breeding practices and grow their numbers.

Today there are three types of Iomud animals. The large type which is similar in size & stature to the Akhal-Teke. The medium type which is the most common & reminiscent of eastern horses crossed with Thoroughbred animals. The third is a smaller animal with shorter legs and a robust build that is of obvious Mongolian & Kazakh animals, this is the rarest type.


Average height 14.2 – 15.2 hands
Soft, floating gaits


Head is large & clean cut, often with a Roman nose
Neck is medium to long in length
Chest is shallow
Legs are clean, fine & very strong
Mane & tail are sparse

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | black


Riding horse
Cross country
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Country of Origin: Turkmenistan | Colors: , ,
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