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Missouri Fox Trotter

Country of Origin: USA

Missouri Fox Trotter Horse

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The Missouri Fox Trotter is a relatively new breed and one that was organized by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to preserve the unique characteristics of animals selectively bred in the Ozarks.

Missouri Fox Trotter Horse

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This breed originated during the 19th century by recent settlers who needed a durable animal that could carry them both tirelessly & comfortably. They have a distinguishing gait called the fox trot in which they essentially walk with the front feet and trot with the hind. This is a highly surefooted gait that can be maintained over many miles without fatigue.

In 1948 This group of aficionados incorporated and created a charter which governed the maintaining of accurate studbooks. Until 1982 this studbook was kept open to animals with qualified characteristics and after only animals with two registered parents were allowed registration.


Average height 14 – 16 hands


Head is well proportioned with a straight profile
Neck is medium in length and well formed
Back is short & straight
Chest is broad & deep
Shoulder is sloped & muscular
Legs are sturdy, muscular and have good joints
Hooves are shapely and well proportioned

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black | pinto


Gentle disposition


Cow horse
Riding horse
Distance riding

Missouri Fox Trotter Products

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