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North Swedish Horse

Country of Origin: Sweden

North Swedish Horse

Image from Henry_von_Platen


The North Swedish Horse is a relatively new breed, it’s bloodlines only being about a 100 years old. They come from the same genetics as the Dole horse which comes from the ancient Scandinavian horse.

North Swedish Horse

Image from Henry_von_Platen


For the most part this breed has been kept relatively pure in Sweden, although early in the 19th century some crosses were made with other animals (including Friesian). For a long time the breeding was mostly carried out in the county of Norrland, however it has been expanded in more recent years, but is still highly controlled & systematic to preserve the bloodlines.

In 1909 the studbook was established and by 1924 the North Swedish Association had been developed as well with the intention of establishing standards & progressing the breed. In 1949 a Country Horse Day fair was arranged as an annual event to sets stallions & mares for registration.

There are two types found within the breed, the draft & the trotter.


Average height 15 – 15.3 hands


Head is average in size but can be heavy with a straight profile
Neck is short & muscular
Back is long & wide
Chest is deep & wide
Legs are short & strong with broad joints and feathering at the fetlocks
Hooves are broad, round & strong

Traditional Colors

All colors


Even-tempered and courageous

North Swedish Horse

Image from Hanna_V



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Country of Origin: Sweden | Colors:
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