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Azteca Horse

Country of Origin: Mexico

Azteca Horse


The Azteca is the first breed to be developed in Mexico & descendant of horses from both Spain & Portugal. However the mighty Andalusian is the distinct foundation for the Azteca breed.


The original Spanish & Portuguese mounts came to Mexico during exploration of the Americas & often became feral again. The ancestors of original imports served the Mexicans well during the Mexican Revolution. Sadly during the war many of them were killed & as breeding had essentially stopped, the Mexican Criollo nearly became extinct.

Breeding officially began in the early 1970’s by a group of horsemen who tasked themselves with creating a horse breed native to Mexico. The goal was an animal that was specific in conformation, characteristics & athletic ability. The foundation was created by carefully crossing Andalusian, American Quarter horse & specific types of criollo animals.

The Golden Ticket

It didn’t take long for their breeding program to produce offspring that fit the bill. The resulting animal was tough, quick & highly athletic – essentially bred to be the perfect mount for a charro in the bullring. In 1972 the The Asociación Mexicana de Criadores de Caballos de Raza Azteca was formed to establish parameters for inclusion in the Azteca registry.

The Mexican government took a keen interest in developing the breed, working with veterinarians & geneticists around the country to develop their breeding program. They later named the Azteca the National Horse of Mexico.

Heading North

In 1989 the Azteca breed registry was formed in the US. Bloodlines may be crossed back & forth between the two registries, as long as resulting animals are always 6/8 or less of any one breed.


Average height 14.3 – 15 hands
Attractive warmblood horse


Head is lean with a straight or slightly convex profile
Neck is arched & muscular
Back is straight & short
Legs are well-muscled with good joints
Well shaped hooves

Traditional Colors

All solid colors


Gentle & willing
Intelligent & easy to train
Proud & courageous


Show horse
Riding horse
Work horse

Azteca Horse Products

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Country of Origin: Mexico | Colors:
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