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Anglo-Arabian Horse

Country of Origin: France

Anglo-Arabian Horse


An Anglo-Arabian is a Thoroughbred/ Arabian cross & either parent can be a member of either breed (or another cross). However, the remaining offspring must have no more than 75% & no less than 25% Arabian blood.


It is believed that breeders in Normandy created the Anglo-Arabian as early as 1750, although they weren’t closely documented. The foundation was local mares bred to Arabian stallions. By late in the 18th century the success of these breeding programs was apparent, although the breed remained small & largely undocumented.

It wasn’t until early in the 19th century that serious breeding of the Anglo-Arabian began in earnest. Mr. de Bonneval began by breeding an Arabian stallion to two Thoroughbred mares. De Bonneval also bred in the opposite direction, using Thoroughbred stallions & Arabian mares, but found the result was not as impressive.

Official Start

The breed studbook was officially established through an ordinance by Louis Phillipe in 1833, under the care of the French National Stud Service. The breed grew in popularity & by the end of the 19th century, their flashy looks & extreme athleticism made them popular in a variety of disciplines. They also laid the foundation for the much-loved Selle Français breed & later contributed to many of the German warmblood breeds.

Best of Both Worlds

The finest examples of this breed combine the endurance & refinement of the Arabian with speed & stature of the Thoroughbred. Ideally, the breed displays more of an Arabian type conformation, though they should show the finer qualities of each.


Average height 15.2 – 16.3 hands
Size & conformation varies because of the many crosses
Often taller & less refined than the average Arabian
Strong & correct action
Springy jumper


Chiseled & refined head, not overly dished in the profile
Long slightly arched neck
Short, strong body with a deep barrel
Legs are long & strong

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay


Intelligent & high energy
Built for speed & endurance, a great competition horse
Tough & always willing to go


Sport horse
Eventing horse
Racing horse
Pleasure riding horse

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