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Brandenburger Horse

Country of Origin: Germany

Brandenburger Horse


The Brandenburger is a sub-population of the German saddle horse and bred to be an all-around under saddle mount.

Brandenburger Horse


Breeding began in 1787 with the hopes of creating a warmblood that was heavy enough to work and light enough to pull carriages. The foundation started with Oldenburg, English Halfbred, Asian horses and Thoroughbred bloodlines.

The Warmblood Breeding Society was created in 1922 in order to produce horses for farmers and agricultural work at which point Hanovarian blood was used to improve stock.


Average height 16 – 17.2 hands


Head is handsome and well-set
Back is medium in length and chest is deep
Legs are thick and stocky
Hooves are large and strong

Traditional Colors

All solid colors


Even-tempered for their large size

Brandenburger Horse

Image from volker.pardemann


Riding horse
Show horse
Driving horse
Pleasure horse

Brandenburger Horse Products

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Brandenburger History


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Country of Origin: Germany | Colors:
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