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Skyros Pony

Country of Origin: Greece

Skyros Pony

Image from Archway Andres


The Skyros Pony comes from Greece and is the smallest of the Greek Pony breeds. Although they are small in stature, they display more miniature horse like characteristics rather than those typical of pony breeds.


Interestingly enough there are a number of ‘miniature’ horse breeds that have developed at similar latitudes (between 30-45 degrees) including the Mytilene, the Carpathian & the Caspian.

The Skyros comes from the southeast of Skyros Island that gave them their name, their exact origins are unknown, but they have been there for centuries. The local people used a few of the animals for farm work during the summer months, but the ponies wintered without the aid of people. The mechanization of farming & transportation has dented their numbers considerably & their numbers are low. There is still a small herd on Skyros Island as well as a group kept at a University Farm in Thessaloniki and some private breeders.


Average height 9.2 – 10.3 hands


Head is pretty & large
Neck is short
Chest is flat
Back is straight
Legs are long & fine but strong

Traditional Colors

grey | bay | dun


Spirited but friendly


Riding pony

Skyros Pony Products


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