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Northeastern Pony

Country of Origin: Brazil



Also called the Nordestino, Crioulo Brasileiro, Curraleiro & the Sartanejo, the Northeastern Pony is a descendant of the desert horse of North Africa.


Over the years enthusiasts have fought to protect this stroll of ancient bloodlines in Brazil. As the world grows people want larger horses and these animals are known for their smaller stature, so most crosses are meant to increase size. The pure breeders want to preserve the smaller, original bloodlines of this breed.

Through battles of all types, these sturdy little animals excelled in the Brazilian heat and became well known for their service to the military. Over the centuries the Brazilian climate has shaped these animals & their characteristics have reverted to a strongly Barb type. Over the years they may have had some Andalusian influence along with bits of Camargue, Garrano & Sorraia.

As the Brazilian sugar business began to boom, the aristocracy opted for larger mounts as a sign of their wealth and the Northeastern became the working man’s horse. This also helped to shape their characteristics as they are able to thrive on meager food resources that would kill off less robust breeds.

Alas, poor breeding practices have not led to a very marketable animal. Often the handsome animals are gelded & used as saddle horses, while those of sub-standard confirmation are allowed to continue reproducing. Recently however an attempt has been made to preserve and promote the breed and a herd is being collected in the hopes of doing so.


Average height 13 – 13.2 hands


Hooves are small, upright & hard


Fearless & intelligent
Easy to train


Riding horse
Cattle horse
Breeding endurance into other breeds

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Country of Origin: Brazil |
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