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American Walking Pony

Country of Origin: USA


The American Walking Pony is a relatively new pony breed, developed for use as a show pony in gaited show competitions. They are capable of multiple gaits, walk, pleasure walk, merry walk, trot, canter, slow gait & the rack.


The breed originated with a Tennessee Walking Horse/ Welsh pony cross, which created a handsome animal with gliding gaits. The seven-gaits of this pony are inherited & natural. In fact, both the pleasure walk & merry walk gaits are unique to the breed.

The American Walking Pony Registry was founded in 1968 by the breed founder, Joan Hudson Brown. The registry requires that both parents are either registered Walking horses or Welsh Ponies (or a cross between the two).


Average height 14 hands
Light, flowing action


Small, neatly chiseled head
Eyes are bold & set wide apart
Ears are well-shaped & pointed
Neck is long, arched & high-set
Back is short
Long, sloping shoulders & deep girth

Traditional Colors

Solid colors


Calm & willing


Cart pony
Show pony
Sport pony
Pleasure pony


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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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