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Morab Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Morab Horse

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The Morab is an American breed developed during the early 19th century that comes from a cross between Arabian & Morgan animals.

Morab Horse

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The breed was developed in the early 20th century when L.L. Dorsey decided to breed a carriage horse for the US and crossed an Arabian stallion to a Morgan mare. This cross produced a breathtaking stallion with a coat of gold and amazing trotting speed.

By the 1920’s the term Morab had been coined to describe this unique cross of breeds and their popularity grew.


Average height 14.1 – 15.2 hands


Head is refined with a straight or slightly concave profile
Eyes are large & expressive
Neck is heavy but refined and well proportioned
Back is short & strong
Chest is broad & deep
Legs are sound with large joints
Hooves are round, broad & tough

Traditional Colors

All colors, but no white spotting patterns


Tractable & easy to train
Calm & affectionate


Riding horse
Show horse

Morab Products

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Where to Buy

Coosa Valley Farm
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Morab Studs

Jericho Creek Farms


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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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