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Przewalski’s Horse

Country of Origin: Mongolia

Przewalski's Horse


Also called Equus Przewalskii, Asiatic Wild horse, Mongolian Wild Horse & Taki, the Przewalski’s Horse is the only known surviving species of wild equine on the planet (since the extinction of the Tarpan). All other breeds of horse on the planet come from domesticated horse (yes, even the wild ones – at some point they were all reintroduced to the wild).


There is controversy surrounding the origins of this breed, some think they are the ancestors to modern domestic horse, but others disagree. However it can be agreed that they once roamed the steppe along the Mongolia/ China border. The Przewalski carries 66 chromosomes & domestic horse carries 64. Their offspring are fertile & carry 65 chromosomes, which may indicate that they are a different species altogether.

These animals were first discovered early in the 15th century by a Bavarian who traded east until he wound up with the Mongols. They were recorded again in the 18th century by a Scottish doctor sent to China. However the men responsible for their interesting name & their official discovery was a Russian explorer called Colonel Przewalski.

Newly Re-introduced

Sadly, until very recently the Przewalski’s Horse was extinct in the wild, hunted, squeezed out & cross-bred into oblivion. They have been saved by extinction altogether by zoos & breeding programs. In 1992 several breeding groups combined their herds & released them at several sites in Mongolia.


Average height 12 – 14 hands


Head is large & heavy with a straight profile
Eyes are large & heavy
Eyes are small
Neck is broad & short with a short, upright mane
Back is straight & long
Chest is deep
Shoulder is straight & short
Legs are short & sturdy
Hooves are narrow & elongated
Tail has a tuft at the end

Traditional Colors

Dun with primitive markings


Spirited & for the most part ‘untamable’ (similar to zebras in temperament).

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Country of Origin: Mongolia | Colors:
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