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Carolina Marsh Tacky Horse

Country of Origin: USA


Although the word tacky is often thought of as cheap, it was used to describe the Marsh Tacky simply because they were so common the the swampy areas of South Carolina & Georgia.


The exact origin of this breed is unknown but they are thought to come from Spanish stock that came to the coast of South Carolina during 16th century explorations. These Spanish horse populations were left to run feral and ultimately thrived in their environment. Other animals of Spanish descent made their way into the area through deerskin trade with northern people which also had an influence on the breed.

The Tackies were managed in herds on islands in the lowcountry region & occasionally rounded up by the locals when there was a need for horses. This was done until recently as their numbers dwindle.

Due to their relative isolation the the lowlands many Spanish qualities remain in the breed and many of the animals are still consistent with the old Colonial Spanish type.

Late in the 20th century the breed was thought to have become extinct, however their hardy blood proved its robust nature and persevered. Today their bloodlines are preserved by private breeders & enthusiasts who hope to keep their Marsh Tacky traditions alive. Still prized for their ability to thrive in the challenging environments of coastal South Carolina and the ease with which they traverse swampy & muddy footing.


Average height 13 – 15 hands
Sturdy & well balanced
Sure-footed and brave
Can be gaited


Head has a flat or slightly concave profile but becomes slightly convex at top of muzzle
Eyes are bold and high on the head
Ears are short with a distinctive inward pointing notch at the tips
Can have a slight ewe neck and is attached lower on the chest than most breeds
Back is short & strong
Tail is low set
Feet are well balanced & hooves wear well

Traditional Colors

Dun | bay | roan | chestnut | black | pinto


Easy to keep & train
Brave & thoughtful
Gentle nature and great with kids
Alert but level headed


Agriculture horse
Work horse
Pleasure mount
Endurance & trail horse

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