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Boulonnais Horse

Country of Origin: France

Boulonnais Horse

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The Boulonnais is one of the most elegant of all of the draft breeds, known for their milky white coat and luxurious mane and tail, they have unmistakable characteristics. Their blood is often used to improve the stock of other draft breeds.

Boulonnais Horse

Image from Gypsy Cob


Found in the Boulogne District of France, this breed is thought to come from the animals imported by Julius Caesar prior to invading Britain.

Later, during the Spanish occupation of the area a great deal of Asian, Barb, Arabian and Andalusian blood influenced their breeding.

During the World Wars their numbers shrank considerably and today the government controls the breeding programs to preserve the breed.

In the 18th century it was more common to find bay and black within the breed, however as numbers decline the dominant grey gene has made other colors rare.

Two Types
Large Boulonnais (Maree) – Very large
Fish Cart Horse (Mareyeuse or Mareyeur)- very rare, smaller


Average height 15.1 – 16.3 hands
Registered animals will bear an anchor brand on the left side of their neck


Head is short and elegant with a wide forehead
Neck is thick and muscular
Mane is very thick
Chest is wide
back is straight
Legs are strong and solid with clean joints

Traditional Colors

Grey with an occasional chestnut


Easy going and sociable

Boulonnais Horse

Image from Visiopale


Driving horse
Riding horse
Show horse

Boulonnais Horse Products


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