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Furioso Horse

Country of Origin: Romania

Furioso Horse

Image from Freiheit


This breed is a medium-heavy harness and saddle type horse that is highly adaptable & crosses well with other breeds.


The Furioso breed is named for one of its flagship studs Furioso who was an English Thoroughbred stallion and originated in Hungary late in the 18th century. Throughout the years their breeding has been based on usefulness and todays resulting animal is incredibly versatile and easily adapts to different disciplines.

Today these animals are rare, even in Hungary. However small herds of them can be seen running free on the grasslands where they have been raised for centuries. There are also a small number of purebred Furioso horses in Romania & Slovakia.


Average height 15.2 – 16.3 hands


Head is well shaped and proportionate with a straight profile
Neck is straight or slightly arched and muscular
Barrel is deep & well sprung
Legs are well defined with clean, strong joints
They are often pigeon toed in front with cow hocked hind legs

Traditional Colors

chestnut | black | bay


Easy to work with
Dependable & true


Cart horse
Riding horse
Show horse

Furioso Horse Products


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Country of Origin: Romania | Colors: , ,
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