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Arab-Haflinger Horse

Country of Origin: Austria


Although this cross was met with resistance from purebred enthusiasts, some Haflinger breeders thought that Arabian blood would refine the breed & increase their athletic ability.


The first three generations were approached with the goal of creating foals that better the original breed. The breeders were successful & the resulting crosses displayed a definite refinement of the Haflinger as well as an increase in their ability.

After many years of cross-breeding, the physical characteristics of the Haflinger breed persist, but have been slightly refined into a more elegant mount. The result is a small riding horse with rectangular shape & refined Arabian features.


Average height 13.5 – 14.5 hands
Correct, strong foundation


Short head with concave profile
Large, alert eyes
Well-mounted neck
Deep, oblique shoulder
Long back with slopes croup
Slim legs with large joints

Traditional Colors



Approachable & kind
Easy to handle with a balanced temperament
Makes a great children’s mount


Pleasure horse
Show horse


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Country of Origin: Austria | Colors:
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