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Arabian-Berber Horse

Country of Origin: Morocco



This breed comes from the dream of local Moroccan tribesmen & emerged nearly a 1000 years ago. They were initially created as warhorse using refined Arabian & robust Barb (or Berber) bloodlines.


The cross drew on the best characteristics of both breeds & created a bold, fearless desert animal that was incredibly versatile. Today this breed is perhaps the most common one in Northern Africa & their popularity has grown into Europe.

Interestingly, the Arabian-Berber is also known to display the tölt & pace gaits, making their strides incredibly comfortable to ride. In fact, the breed is characterized by their flowing gaits which is one of the reasons they are so highly valued by the Moroccan Royal Family.


Average height 15 – 16 hands
Loyalty of the Berbers
Speed & endurance of the Arabian


Head can follow Barb convex profile or Arabian dished face
Neck is long & muscular
Wide chest with oblique shoulder
Withers are high and back is short & strong
Body is square & harmonious
Mane and tail are thick & long

Traditional Colors

All colors, often with a metallic sheen to their coat.


Courageous and bold
Strong and steady
Loyal animals


Race horses
Pleasure horses
Show horses


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Country of Origin: Morocco | Colors:
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