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Belgian Ardennes Horse

Country of Origin: Belgium


Originated in the Ardennes Mountains bordering Belgium & France but distinctly different from both the French & Swedish version of the breed.


Thought to have been bred in the Ardennes plateau for around 2000 years, considered one of the oldest draft breeds & valued by Napoleon as heavy war mounts. During the 18th century Arabian blood was added for refinement & even more recently Belgian Draft blood has been used to increase size & strength.


Average height 15.1 – 16.1 hands
Surefooted & agile, well suited for rough & uneven terrain


Well-shaped distinctive head with a straight profile
Small active ears
Neck is short, muscular & crested
Withers are low & well defined
Back is short, wide & strong
Shoulder is muscled & well sloped
Legs are sturdy, muscular & short with feather on lower legs
Hooves are broad & strong

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | roan | palomino | black is rare


Calm & tolerant


Draft animals


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