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Budyonny Horse

Country of Origin: Russia

Budyonny Horse

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Also called Budenny and Budyonovsky, the Budyonny is an incredibly adaptable and versatile animal bred to be an all-around saddle mount.

Budyonny Horse

Image from Aes


This breed was developed in the Rostov region of the Soviet Union between 1921-1949 using Chernomor mares and Anglo-Don and Thoroughbred stallions. The initial crossing was the brainchild of Marshal Budyonny, a hero of the Russian Revolution, who wanted to create a superior military horse.

The Budyonny is very adaptable, in the 1950’s an expiramental group of horses were set free on islands in Manych Lake in the Rostov district to see how well they would fare. The population grew and the animals retained the chestnut color reminiscent of their Don blood. These herds were allowed to live feral as they proved that the breed was tough enough to survive the natural selection process.


Average height 15.1 – 17 hands


Head is well-proportioned with a straight profile
Back is short and straight
Legs are fine, long and straight

Traditional Colors

Usually chestnut, sometimes with a metallic sheen
Can also be found in baybay & black


Good-tempered and energetic
Intelligent and easily broken


Riding horse
Carriage horse
Show horse
Competition horse
Sporting horse

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