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Azerbaijan Horse

Country of Origin: Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Horse

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The Azerbaijan is a saddle horse that comes from regions of Azerbaijan, as well as parts of Georgia & Armenia. This breed has long been native to the area & are well adapted to herd life.


Developed as a saddle-pack animal, this breed was also favored as a war horse due to their robust character. The Azerbaijan stock has been enhanced with both Arabian & Tersk blood. This breed is known for an unstable temperament (due to largely wild herding instincts) & their natural pacing gait.

Types of Azerbaijan Horse

These original native animals have given rise to several types of horses bred in the Azerbaijan region – they are generally named for their specific place of breeding. These types are: Karabakh horse, Cuban pacers, Shirvan horse & the Deliboz.


Average height 13.1 – 14 hands
Healthy with a long life span
Natural sense of balance
Can be a natural pacer
Can have a lengthwise fold in their tongue which gives the impression of a forked tongue


Head is wedge shaped with large, expressive eyes
Neck is high-set, muscular & medium in length
Chest is wide and well-developed
Back is short, straight & wide
Legs are very long & strong with good hooves
Mane & tail are sparse

Traditional Colors

black | chestnut | grey | bay | dun | buckskin & palomino


Highly strung & full of vigor


Pack horse

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Equestrian Federation of Azerbaijan Republic

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