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Peruvian Paso Horse

Country of Origin: Peru

Peruvian Paso Horse

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Predominately known for their unique, laterial gait, the Peruvian Paso is also a performer, one who can manage a high-stepping dancing action that almost makes its own music.

Peruvian Paso Horse

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A brother to the Criollo horse, the Peruvian Pasos bloodlines began in the early 1530’s when Francisco Pizarro started importing Spanish horses to Peru.

The most prominant horse breed in Peru, the Paso (or Peruvian stepping horse) is known for it’s fancy footwork.

Skilled and selective breeding has been closely monitored and a pure Peruvian Paso is said to have 3/4 Barb, and 1/4 Andalusian.

They are built to cover long distances with their signature gait, which is very smooth for the rider.


Average height 14-15 hands
Large heart and lung in relation to their size
Rolling, elevated action
Tough feet


Short, muscular upright neck
Broad, strong chest
Long hind legs, with flexible joints

Traditional Colors

All colors


Amiable and moldable the Paso makes a well-rounded mount

Peruvian Paso Horse

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Show horse
Parade horse
Endurance horse

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