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Norfolk Roadster

Country of Origin: England

Norfolk Roadster


The Norfolk Roadster or Trotter is perhaps one of the most influential of all trotting breeds and is the foundation for most modern trotting breeds of today.


Thought to be of the same ancestors of the Suffolk Punch, this horse is of cob type and it’s bloodlines trace back to the 15th century in the flatlands of Norfolk. For many years prior to the railroad these animals provided a tireless, comfortable & quick form of transportation to the local people.

By the end of the 20th century the mechanization of transport had all but ended their numbers & the breed all but became extinct. A small group of enthusiasts gathered several genetically pure specimens and have made an attempt at regenerating the breed.


Smart & willing


Harness horse
Riding horse
Racing (trotting)
Carriage horse

Norfolk Roadster Products

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Country of Origin: England |
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