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Virginia Highlander Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Virginia Highlander


The Virginia Highlander Horse is a relatively new breed, developed in Sugar Grove Virginia by a man named William Pugh whose intentions were to create a superior riding horse.


William started with an Arabian / Tennessee Walker cross mare who was pregnant by a Welsh pony. From this colt he established a strict breeding program using the blood of Arabian, American Saddlebred, Hackney, Morgan and more Welsh pony.

He continued to breed, and discard unsuitable animals until he had stock that met his expectations. In the early 1990’s the Virginia Highlander Horse Association was established.


Average height 13 – 14 hands


Head is fine
Eyes are wide set & expressive
Body is robust & strong

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black | roan


Gentle and amiable


Riding horse

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