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Mangalarga Marchador Horse

Country of Origin: Brazil

Mangalarga Marchador Horse

Image from Pbicalho


The Mangalarga Marchador is the most popular and widely found horse in Brazil where they were developed in 1740 by Joao Francisco of Portugal.


This breed is decidedly Iberian in character, having come from a number of Spanish bloodlines, and are perhaps the purest descendants of the now extinct Spanish Jennet known for their smooth ambling gait. This breed quickly took hold across Brazil, in a time when horseback was the most efficient travel, smooth gaits and tireless energy made them sublimely suitable for the task.

The first breeders association was formed in 1949 to set standards for the breed and maintain some control over the bloodlines. No other breeds have been crossed with the Mangalarga Marchador keeping them incredibly pure.


Average height 14.2 – 16 hands


Head is triangular with a straight profile
Eyes are large & dark
Ears are well set & erect with inwardly turned tips
Neck is muscular & arched
Chest is deep & muscular
Back is medium in length, straight & well muscled
Legs are muscular, long & straight


Docile & willing
Eager to please


Cattle horse
Riding horse
Sport horse

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