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Mousseye Pony

Country of Origin: Cameroon

Mousseye Pony


Also known as the Kirdi, Cameroon, Lakka, Logone, Mbai, & Mussey, the Mousseye Pony comes from the Logone River in the sub-Sahel region of Cameroon. They are named for the Mousseye tribe in southeastern Cameroon who raise them.


First recorded in 1826 it wasn’t until 1926 that it was given a description. Unfortunately since then very little has been written about this small horse and its population is rapidly declining. This is due in part to mechanized transportation and in part to lack of regimented breeding programs.

In 1986 the Cameroon government created an Equine Program to safeguard the Mousseye Pony from extinction and to develop the horse industry in Cameroon. There are some who believe that this breed comes from the blood of the mighty Barb, evolved smaller in size due to lack of decent forage.


Average height 12 hands


Head is heavy & massive
Eyes are intelligent
Ears are erect & small
Neck is thick & short
Legs are short & strong
Hooves are thin

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey


Docile & easy to manage


Riding pony

Mousseye Pony Products

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Country of Origin: Cameroon | Colors: ,
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