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Aegidienberger Horse

Country of Origin: Germany

Aegidienberger Horse

Image from: BS_Thurner_Hof


The Aegidienberger is a relatively recent cross, one that utilizes the elegant Peruvian Paso & the pure blood of the hardy Icelandic horse. The aim was to create a larger gaited animal that is well suited to the colder climates of Germany.


The first cross was bred by Walter Feldmann & his son Walter Junior. They wanted an attractive, gaited animal that was good under saddle & robust enough to withstand harsh weather. The breed was officially recognized in 1994 & a studbook created. However there have never been high numbers bred & there are fewer than 100 registered animals at any time.


Average height above 13 hands
Tremendous endurance
62.5% Icelandic
37.5% Paso


Short muscular upright neck
Proud head carriage
Tail is high set & very thick (as is the mane)

Traditional Colors

All colors


Willing & amiable
Sturdy & strong relative to their size
Strong character & bold personality


Pleasure mount


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Country of Origin: Germany | Colors:
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