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Belgian Sport Horse

Country of Origin: Belgium


Also called a Belgian Halfblood, the Belgian Sport Horse is a breed solely developed for use as a sport animal in competition.


The Royal Halfblood Society was founded in 1920 & until WWII the breed was mainly used & bred by the army. Bloodlines were a specific cross between the Belgian Draft, English Thoroughbred & Selle Francais (with a notable amount of Thoroughbred blood).

After WWII Belgian breeders focused their attention on breeding an adaptable sport horse by combining their finest bloodlines with those of neighboring countries. That included Selle Francais, Hanoverians, Dutch Warmbloods & Thoroughbreds with proven ability.

Modern Belgian Sport Horse

The Belgian Sport horse is registered with the Royal Belgian Sport Horse Society (Studbook sBs) which is similar in lineage to the Belgian Warmblood, which is registered with the Belgian Warmblood Studbook (BWP). The goal of both studbooks is the same, developing a superior sport horse. These handsome, athletic animals have increasingly grown in popularity among eventing circles.


Average height 16 hands
Highly athletic

Traditional Colors

Solid colors


High energy


Eventing horses
Show horses
Pleasure mounts

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Country of Origin: Belgium | Colors:
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