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Kiger Mustang Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Kiger Mustang

Image from Ndomer73


The Kiger mustang doesn’t come from North America originally, but it’s history begins in the Pacific Northwest of the United States in a remote area of Oregon.

Kiger Mustang

Image © Stacey


In the early 1970’s the Bureau of Land Management found a small herd of feral horses in a remote area in southeast Oregon. Upon capture the animals were all found to exhibit the primitive markings of the dun color modifier.

The Kigers also display characteristics of Spanish animals and are thought to be the purest descendant of horses brought to North America by the Conquistadors.

Since their discovery, the BLM has managed their bloodlines and promoted the breed, as they are thought to have incredibly pure bloodlines


Average 14.2 hands
Usually display primitive markings


Can display a slightly convex to slightly concave profile
Neck is high and arched
Chest is narrow but deep and shoulder is sloped
Strong legs build for distance
Hard, solid hooves

Traditional Colors:

dun | bay | black | grey


High energy and high endurance
Intelligent and willing
Fiery spirit
Highly attentive
Fearless and bold


Take naturally to herding
Pleasure horse

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