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Byelorussian Harness Horse

Country of Origin: Belarus

Byelorussian Harness Horse

Image from Metal Chris


Also called the White Russian Carriage Horse & Belorusskaya, The Byelorussian Harness Horse comes from the region of Byelorussia.

Byelorussian Harness Horse

Image from gudmd.haralds


This animal was bred out of a local need for a harness horse & was formed by breeding native forest type horses with the Ardennes, Brabant & the Dole from Norway (The Dole was the strongest contributor). Long-term breeding practices of the Byelorussian Harness Horse have resulted in a breed most suitable for agricultural use. It was well adapted to work in wooded areas with swampy and sandy soil.

Today these animals are actively bred in Pobeda & Zarechye and there are two different types within the breed, large & medium.


Average height 14.7 – 15.5 hands
Characteristic confirmation of a harness horse


Head is medium length with a wide forehead
Neck is well muscled
Back is long & loin is flat
Chest is wide & deep
Legs are solid & clean with feathering at the fetlock
Mane & tail are thick

Traditional Colors

chestnut | bay | dun


Mild tempered
Easy to manage

Byelorussian Harness Horse

Image from dobrych


Meat & milk production
Carriage horse
Light agriculture

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Country of Origin: Belarus | Colors: , ,
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