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Thoroughbred Horse

Country of Origin: England

Thoroughbred Horse

Image from Goki


Predominately known for their racehorse lineage the Thoroughbred is a symbol of speed and stamina and it’s bloodlines are the single greatest influence on the world’s horse population.

Thoroughbred Horse

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Originating in England in the 17th and 18th centuries the breed was given life during the rule of Henry VIII, who was the first royal patron of horse racing.

Henry imported Spanish horses of Barb influence to enhance the local running stock.

It has been established that 84% of Thoroughbred genes come from 31 original ancestors. The three main sires being The Byerley Turk, The Darley Arabian and The Godolphin Arabian.

Since the 1770’s more and more Arabian blood as been introduced to refine the Thoroughbred line.


Average height 15.2 hands
Fast and active
Brave and built for endurance
Low, flat movement


Alert, refined head
Long and graceful neck
Long, sloped shoulders
Long, lean body
Strong hindquarters
Legs are fine and long with well-formed joints

Traditional Colors

Solid colors



Thoroughbred Horse

Image from TheBluZebra


Show horse
Competition horse
Pleasure / trail horse

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Country of Origin: England | Colors:
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