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Trakehner Horse

Country of Origin: Lithuania

Trakehner Horse


The official name of the Trakehner is East Prussian Warmblood Horse of Trakehner Origin, and while today they are known as a German breed they actually originated in East Prussia in what is now known as Lithuania.

Trakehner Horse

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This breed comes from the Royal Scythians who inhabited the area during the 5th & 6th centuries BC and enjoyed great wealth during that time. Known for their great horsemanship skills, they were formidable mounted warriors and most owned at least one mount. They are thought to have come from a local Schweiken breed (now extinct) infused with various Turkmenian & Mongolian strains.

In the early 18th century the King of Prussia selected the finest animals from his Royal breeding studs and in 1732 moved them to a new stud farm in Trakehen. The goal was to create a suitable cavalry mount and Arabian, Thoroughbred & Turkmenian bloodlines were carefully bred for the purpose.

Upon the King’s death in 1787 the animals were moved to a state run stud which carefully defined breeding objectives of this now established type. Part of the goal was to improve local stock and during this time Lithuanian, Thoroughbred, Mecklenburg, Danish & Turkish blood was added. The official studbook was established in 1878 & the new stud established even stricter breeding practices than the king had.

This breed was a popular animal up until the early 20th century, when as with most breeds in this area, the second World War almost destroyed them & the Russians took many of the finest animals from the stud. The remaining few were left to flee Russian forces with the local people and made it to safety literally wounded, exhausted & nearly starved. However they proved their mettle as only the toughest survived this journey and lived to procreate.

In the middle of the 20th century an attempt was made to bring the animals (now scattered across West Germany) back together and re-establish breeding programs. In 1947 the West German Association of Breeders & Friends of the Warmblood Horse of Trakehner Origin was formed and by 1950 the German government had recognized them and became involved in the cause.

Today this breed is bred throughout Germany and their numbers are at a safe level. Incidentally a Trakehner stud was established in Russia after the second World War and they are still bred there today. In fact the Russian population has had less outside influence than most of the German lines.


Average height 16 – 16.2 hands


Head is elegant & refined
Eyes are large & expressive
Neck is long & crested
Back is straight & short
Chest is deep
Legs are muscular with broad, clean joints
Hooves are solid

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black


Intelligent & even-tempered
Energetic & kind

Trakehner Horse


Riding horse
Sport horse
Light draft
Eventing horse
Show horse

Trakehner Products

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