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Anglo-Karachai Horse

Country of Origin: Russia


This breed is a type of Kabarda horse that is bred specifically in the Karachai republic. These animals tend to be of the most robust type of Kabarda & split off as their own breed during the 1960’s upon the introduction of Thoroughbred blood.


This is a Russian breed originated by crossing English, German & French Thoroughbreds with local Karachai animals. Similar, but not to be confused with the Anglo-Kabarda, the Anglo-Karachi is rarer & generally only found in the mountainous areas of central Asia.

The roots of this breed are heavier than many of the Kabarda types & built for work. The infusion of Thoroughbred blood created a lighter, more suitable riding mount. While their breeding unofficially began in the early 1870’s, it wasn’t until the mid 20th century before the breed was officially recognized.


Average height 15.2 – 16 hands
Possesses an easy, well-balanced gait


A slight ‘ram’s head’ facial profile
Straight line back
Well muscled loin
A lovely sloped croup with a low set flowing tail
Neck is long with very oblique shoulders
The foundation is strong
Well anchored limbs


All colors


Saddle horse
Pleasure horse


Calm & collected these animals are ready to work with incredible direction capacity.

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Country of Origin: Russia | Colors:
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