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Kerry Bog Pony

Country of Origin: Ireland

Kerry Bog Pony

Image from Jim Linwood


The Kerry Bog Pony is a small animal that is quite similar in stature to the Shetland pony. They were affectionately nicknamed Hobbies by the Irish locals.

Kerry Bog Pony

Image from Joye~


This breed is local to the area of Kerry, Ireland & were originally used to transport peat moss from bogs to the roadside, farm duties & transportation.

Sadly the onset of mechanization led these little animals almost to extinction and in 1994 their numbers dropped to 20. Lucky for them a local man by the name of John Mulvihill worked tirelessly to save the breed from extinction. He scoured Ireland to find suitable animals and had them genetically tested to ensure they possessed the unique breed markings. Once he found enough he established a breeding program which has been successful so far. Kerry Bog Pony numbers have grown and their popularity has grown worldwide – today there is a small herd & a breed society in the US as well.


Average height 10 – 11.2 hands


Head is plain with a slightly concave profile
Neck is medium in length and strong
Chest is deep
Body is strong & compact
Legs are strong & muscular
Hooves are well formed and hard

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | dun


Sensible & confident
Kind & well mannered


Pack animal
Cart pony

Kerry Bog Pony Products

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