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Argentine Polo Pony

Country of Origin: Argentina


Although the Argentine Polo Ponies are not an official breed, Argentina is recognized the world over for their fine polo horses, a cross between Thoroughbred & Criollo blood. This is the same cross as the Argentine-Anglo.


These animals are bred to be quick, strong, agile & to handle the rigorous life of a polo horse with ease. Combining the speed and grace of the Thoroughbred with the tireless work ethic of the Criollo creates an animal who looks forward to & thrives on hard work.

Breeding is controlled closely by Argentine breeders & only proven horses are bred to retain their good qualities. These animals are bred to retain their type, rather than to preserve pure bloodlines. The Association of Poly Pony Breeders was founded in 1984 in an attempt to preserve bloodlines.


Average height 14.2 – 15 hands
Fast and able to turn sharply
Athletic and bold


Long neck
Short, strong back
Deep girth
Strong, muscular hindquarters
Legs are short with strong bones and joints

Traditional Colors

Found in all common colors


Sensitive and responsive
Highly energetic and tireless
Eager to please and intelligent


Polo sport horse

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Country of Origin: Argentina | Colors:
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