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East Friesian Horse – Old Type

Country of Origin: Germany

Old East Friesian


The original Old type Friesian breed is essentially extinct today, in pureblood form anyway. They were heavy animals and resembled drafts, however they carried warmblood traits & character.


Initially they were larger animals and used for farm work and as a heavy war mount. They were later bred to find Spanish stallions, the result of which went on to become the ‘new type’ East Friesian. These animals were lighter drafts often used as carriage horses.

In more recent years, breeders went after heavier animals again in the hopes of reviving the heavier characteristics of the breed. Hanovarian blood was added in the hopes of adding some large nobility to their confirmation again. Today, most of the remaining population of East Friesians were absorbed into the modern Oldenburg breed.


Average height 15.2 16.2 hands


Head is small & frequently roman nosed
Eyes are intelligent
Neck is strong & arched
Chest is broad
Back is straight & long
Legs are short & strong
Feet are hard

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black


Well tempered and easy to work with


Carriage horse
Farm work

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Country of Origin: Germany | Colors: , , ,
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