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Baixadeiro Horse

Country of Origin: Brazil

Baixadeiro Horse

Image from Eduardo Amorim


The Baixadeiro is a small horse inhabiting the heavy marshlands of Brazil & is presently the recipiant of a conservation program. It is a race that is near extinction.


The Baixadeiro Horse of the Lower Maranhense is an extremely old breed that looks somewhat like the Pantaneiro Horse of the area, but they are much smaller. They are dismally under-developed, perhaps because they inhabit lands that are virtually wetlands most of the year.

Today formal breeding programs have been set up to continue the lines as these animals have been used in the area for centuries.


Average height 14 hands
Hardy & tough


Hooves strong enough to stand being underwater constantly during flood seasons

Traditional Colors

black | chestnut | grey | bay | buckskin



Baixadeiro Horse

Image from Eduardo Amorim


Light agriculture
Ceremonies & festivals


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