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Fell Pony

Country of Origin: England

Fell Pony

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Most of the ponies found on the British Isles are not indigenous to the islands, they made their way across the English Channel when it was still a marsh as long ago as 1500 BC. Skeletal evidence shows that these animals looked like a cross between the Tarpan and the present day Exmoor.

Fell Pony

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As these ponies came over they distributed themselves to different islands and therefore different climates & environments. The pockets continued to breed independent of one another and thus formed the basis for the different pony breeds found on the British Isles today.

The Romans invaded Britain around 55 BC and found the native ponies to be unsuitable for their working needs (no matter how strong or hardy they were). Friesian animals were imported to support the Romans and when the Romans withdrew from Britain they left some 1,000 Friesian stallions in northern England. These studs were bred to local mares and became the foundation of the Fell Pony breed (the Shire breed as well).

The Fell Ponies stayed true to type for a long time and were seldom cross bred. They are good trotters, and became popular in the late 18th century as trotting rose in popularity. The official Fell Pony Society was formed in 1912.


Average height 13- 14 hands
Friesian blood is often evident in their confirmation


Head is small with a straight profile
Eyes are lively
Ears are small & pricked
Neck is well-proportioned & muscular
Back is long & straight
Chest is deep & broad
Legs are sturdy & well muscled with feathering at fetlocks
Mane & tail are full & heavy

Traditional Colors

black | grey | bay


Lively & intelligent
Kind and workable
Clever & bold

Fell Pony

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Pack animal
Riding pony
Show pony

Fell Pony Products

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