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Azores Horse

Country of Origin: Portugal

Azores Horse

Image from Domingos Xavier


The Azores is an ancient breed native to Portugal with very little formal documentation, there is not much known about the Azores breed. These animals are different from most of the Iberian ponies, as their confirmation is more of a small horse than a pony.


They are thought to have come from Lusitano & Alter Real horses brought to the islands of Azores during colonization. The poor conditions & inadequate nutrition in the area created a smaller animal naturally. It is thought that an influx of Arabian or Barb blood from Morocco had a hand in refining this pony’s confirmation as well.

The blood of the Azores found today is not clearly defined, but is based on the Lusitano.

Azores Horse

Image from cafrizell


Average height 11.3 – 12.3 hands
Attractive & perfectly symmetrical in confirmation
Highly spirited


Varies by animal due to mixed blood

Traditional Colors



Work horses
Riding horses
Bullfighting horses

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Country of Origin: Portugal | Colors:
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