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Dilbaz Horse

Country of Origin: Azerbaijan

Dilbaz Horse


Also called the Deliboz, Daliboz & Delibozskaya, the Dilbaz is a domestic breed from Ganja-Kazakh and Shaki-Zagataia Regions of Azerbaijan.


The Dilbaz originated at the end of the 18th century & is a composite of local Azerbaijan stock crossed with Arabian and Turkish bloodlines. Their bloodlines are similar to the Karabakh & a descendant of the ancient Azerbaijan breed.

In 1943 state breeding cooperatives were established to to improve horse populations and since 1950 the Dilbaz breed has been further improved through Arabian and Tersk blood.


Average height 14.2 hands
Many possess a natural pacing gait


Head is clean & short with a broad forehead
Neck is heavy & compact
Body is massive with a clean top line
Legs are clean & well proportioned

Traditional Colors

Predominately grey & bay


Uncertain temperament is characteristic of this breed.


Riding horse
Pack animal
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Country of Origin: Azerbaijan | Colors: ,
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