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Dartmoor Pony

Country of Origin: England

Dartmoor Pony

Image from Herbythyme


Ponies have been a part of the British landscape for over 10,000 years and their remains have been found all over the country.

Dartmoor Pony

Image from Ealdgyth


The first Dartmoor reference appeared in 1012, and much later this pony was instrumental to tin mines who used them to transporting product. Once they had outlived their usefulness, farmers took some of them but most of them were set free.

In 1898 the National Pony Registry set up local committees in order to produce descriptions of all of the native breeds. Other than height, the description still fits the Dartmoor as we know it today. Unfortunately, both of the World Wars took their toll on the breed and their numbers dwindled.

These animals are still bred on the Moors like they have always been, and dealing with harsh climate conditions has created a rugged & surefooted animal.


Average height 11.2 – 12.2 hands


Head is small with a broad forehead
Ears are small & alert
Neck is average in length & strong but not heavy
Shoulders are well sloped
Back is medium in length
Hindquarters are well-muscled
Tall is full & high set
Legs have are dense & flat
Hooves are tough & well-shaped

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black | roan
White markings are discouraged


Quiet & gentle disposition

Dartmoor Pony


Riding & pleasure pony
Show pony

Dartmoor Pony Products

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Where to Buy

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