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Welsh Pony (Section B)

Country of Origin: Wales

Welsh Pony (Section B)

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All sections of the Welsh ponies come from Wales and the Welsh Pony registers under Section B of their studbook. This pony breed is a larger version of the Welsh Mountain Pony which was the foundation for the breed.

Welsh Pony (Section B)

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This pony was created by breeding local mountain ponies with Hackney blood and that of small Thoroughbred stallion named Merlin. Because of Merlin’s strong influence over the Welsh Pony they are often called Merlins.

During various points over the years Section B of the welsh studbook has been opened to half-breeds which has helped to produce a lighter & taller pony.


Average height 12.2 – 13.2 hands


Head is small & handsome with straight or slightly concave profile
Eyes are large
Ears are small & pricked
Neck is shapely & arched
Back is short & straight
Chest is deep & broad
Shoulder is long & sloping
Legs are sturdy with broad joints
Hooves are round & tough

Traditional Colors

All colors except pinto patterns


Friendly & kind
Trustworthy & intelligent


Riding pony
Light draft
Show pony

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