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Comtois Horse

Country of Origin: France

Comtois Horse


The Comtois is a light draft horse that is thought to be descended from horses brought to France from Germany during the 4th century.


Bred robust & tough from farm work in rugged country, they were also used as war horses during the Middle Ages.

Today their numbers are second only to the Breton horse in their native France & they possess supreme balance and a surefooted nature.


Average height 14.1 – 15.1 hands


Head is large & square with alert eyes
Neck is straight, short & muscular
Body is stocky & powerful
Back is long & straight
Legs are short & strong with good joints & clean tendons
Feet are nicely shaped and have little feathering

Traditional Colors

Generally chestnut with a flaxen mane & tail, can also be bay.


Easy going and sociable
Lively and full of energy

Comtois Horse


Draft & heavy agricultural work
Timber & vineyard work
Riding horse

Comtois Horse Products

Helpful Links

National Association of the Comtois Draft Horse, France


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