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Nonius Horse

Country of Origin: Hungary

Nonius Horse

Image from Trescastillos


The Nonius comes from Hungary and this breed can all trace their lineage back to one flagship stallion, an Anglo-Norman stallion by the name of Nonius Senior.


This particular stud was brought to Hungary in 1816 and he was of a Norfolk Roadster stallion and a mixed bred mare. Senior was bred for 26 years at the Mezohegyes Stud to a variety of Spanish-Neapolitan mares. Later English Thoroughbred blood was added for further refinement.

Aside from the bloodlines developed at the Mezohegyes Stud a heavy local variety developed as well in a Municipal Stud Farm in the town of Debrecen which is called the Hortobagyi Nonius. In 1961 these two strains were united under one studbook.

As with many other breeds, the second World War was almost their undoing and by the middle of the 20th century only about 50 animals remained. However the breed was fairly quick to bounce back.


Average height
Small 14.2 – 15.3 hands
Large 15.2 – 16.3 hands


Large well proportioned head with convex or Roman nose
Neck is muscular & arched in stallions
Back is soft & wide
Shoulder is medium to long, muscular & straight
Legs are strong with good joints

Traditional Colors

black | bay


Calm & steady


Sport horse
Riding horse
Harness horse

Nonius Horse Products


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Country of Origin: Hungary | Colors: ,
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