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French Trotter

Country of Origin: France

French Trotter


Also called the Norman Trotter, the French Trotter’s genetics are perhaps the most closely tied to the Old Norman Horse of all the French breeds.


Breeding began early in the 19th century and developed from English Thoroughbred, Norfolk Trotter, Normandy & some Standardbred bloodlines. As interest in trotting continued to grow, so did the interest of breeding fast trotters.

Breeding (& training) is generally done on smaller farms & by family breeders where selective breeding is taken seriously. Rigorous testing is required of animals allowed to be registered & bred, as these animals are literally bred to trot.


Average height 15.1 – 16.2 hands


There are not standardized features for this breed but characteristics seem to persist.
Head is handsome with a straight profile
Breastbone is prominent
Croup is long & wide
Hindquarters are rather short

Traditional Colors

All solid colors


Primarily racing


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Country of Origin: France | Colors:
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