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Bali Pony

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Bali Pony


Found on the Indonesian island of Bali, this pony is an incredibly healthy & self-sufficient animal. Their size, strength & stature is more a product of the local needs than any real selective breeding.


The origin of the Bali pony is unknown, however they are thought to have been brought to Indonesia by the Chinese in the 6th century. These original bloodlines may have been crossed with horses from both India & the Netherlands during the 18th century.

Lack of any serious breeding program has left their confirmation quite unrefined, but given them a great deal of natural strength through natural selection. Healthy & self-sufficient, these animals rarely require shoes because their feet are so hardy.


Average height 11.3 – 13 hands
Incredibly strong for their small size


Head is large with straight profile
Small ears & almond shaped eyes
Short, straight neck
mane is bristly & stands upright
Short, upwardly curved back
Legs are strong with good joints & hard hooves

Traditional Colors

Generally Dun with primitive markings but other colors can be found.


Independent & tough


Pack animal
Trekking animal
Riding horse

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Country of Origin: Indonesia | Colors:
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