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Austrian Warmblood Horse

Country of Origin: Austria


The Austrian Warmblood comes from an area that has long been known for creating fine horseflesh (including the handsome Kladruber & the etherial Lipizzaner).


Like other warmbloods, the Austrian Warmblood was developed as a superior riding & competition horse.
The foundation of the breed are the Nonius, Furioso & Arabian, which created the native mare base in Austria (the Old Austria horse breeds). They were then crossed with Thoroughbred & more Arabian blood to further refine the breed in the mid 19th century.

A typical warmblood studbook, the Austrian studs come from all different countries & bloodlines. However the mare base consists mainly of native mares – although animals that stand up to rigorous inspections can be added as breeding stock.

Decline in Numbers

Like many breeds of the area, the end of the second World War & the rise of mechanization decimated their numbers. In 1964 the Association for Warmblood Breeding in Austria (now under the Central Association of Austrian Horse Breeders) was founded to promote & retain warmbloods in Austria.


Average height 15.2 – 16.2 hands

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black


Riding horse
Sport horse
Show horse


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Country of Origin: Austria | Colors: , , ,
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